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Kelly Zuch


*Manager and Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Kelly has always had a love for teaching and instructing. She began instructing rock climbing 18 years ago in a climbing gym in Santa Cruz, CA. From there she became a Waldorf  Pre/K and Kindergarten teacher, bringing movement, song and games to children. She began taking Pilates and barre classes at Harmony Pilates and Physical Therapy while living in Honolulu, HI to compliment her passion for rock climbing.  She found that the stregnth and core connection she gained from Pilates increased her ability to perform and helped prevent injuries in everything she did.  She became a certified mat Pilates instructor on the island and often incorporated some Pilates movements into her Kindergarten curriculum.

Upon moving to Tennessee she discovered the BarreAmped method at Barre 11 in Murfreesboro, TN.  She connected instantly to the form, format and loved the changes she felt in her body. After taking many classes she became a certified intructor in order to share this great exercise with others.

Kelly loves gaining a personal relationship with each client that comes to Barre One.  Watching clients work hard and be successful in their unigue fitness goals brings a smile to her face every day. Beyond teaching at Barre One, Kelly loves spending time with her daughter Wren (5), her husband Cam, rock climbing, playing in the outdoors and sometimes squeezing in a trail run.


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Carrie Rice


Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Carrie Rice is a natural teacher and leader.  She discovered her love of the BarreAmped method at B.You studio in Louisville, KY, where she became certified in all levels. In the summer of 2014, Carrie and her Husband of 16 years, their daughter Haley (12) sons Tyler (9) and Patrick (6) relocated to Chattanooga, TN.  Upon moving they acquired an adorable puppy and in staying true to their Kentucky roots they named it Derby.

Her classes are fun and full of energy, she always has a smile on her face, plays upbeat music and you may even hear a country song or two sprinkled in the mix.

For Carrie the best part of being an instructor is getting to know clients on a personal level while watching them improve their fitness levels through the BarreAmped method. Outside of the studio you will see Carrie at a multitude of kids sporting events as her children are involved in football, diving, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and swimming. When she has a minute to herself she enjoys all forms of fitness- hiking, running, tennis, cycling etc.

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Theresa Rodriquez


Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Theresa has always found pleasure in the balance an energized and focused workout brings to her body and mind.  BarreAmped strenghtens both her body and mind and leaves her with the satisfaction of working hard with noticeable results.

Theresa is BarreAmped Advanced certified and a certified yoga teacher she has been practicing yoga since 2004, teaching yoga since 2012 and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014.

Theresa believes barre and yoga are complimenting practices and she enjoys helping others benefit from them.  She aims to make her barre classes challenging, yet rewarding, motivating and fun.  Her other passions include her family, community yoga, slacklining, paddleboarding and being outdoors.

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Shannan Billings


Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Shannan brings a passion for dance and Pilates to her classes at Barre One. She started dancing at the age of three and continued through college and beyond, studying classical ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, tap and Polynesian dance.

With this passion for movement, she became a dancer and choreographer for the Dance Company of Virginia Tech, an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, and a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher after completing 900 hours of comprehensive pilates training with Studio Lotus in Atlanta and Rebecca Leone.

At the Sports Barn, she is the director of Pilates. She holds a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Kennesaw State University.

Shannan is proud to work for Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA, train clients at the Sports Barn and teach at Barre One.

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Julie Harris


Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Julie is a lifelong physical finess enthusiast.  She began her fitness experience as a child in ballet but after her first recital found she enjoyed softball more than ballet slippers.

After graduation from UTC, Julie began her personal and professional development in fitness.  Julie has recieved multiple crtifications and taught a variety of classes.

Beyond certification and instruction, Julie also served as director of a fitness facility for over a decade.  After taking Barre classes for several years and then discovering the BarreAmped method, Julie knew she'd found the most accessible and scalable program she had ever encountered and a format that costantly and consistently challenged her while delivering those challenges in a safe and sustainable manner.  She knew she wanted to gain her certification, share the wonderful benefits and "shake to change" with others.

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Catherine Schwartz


Advanced Certified Barre Instructor

Happy to be back at the Barre One Studio! I began my BarreAmped journey in October of 2013.  I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the method.  I had taken several Barre classes before, but I wanted to undersand moves and the mind body connection on a deeper level.  After several months of training I was certified and began teaching in 2013.

I am proud and honored to be a part of the Barre One Studio and it's amazing staff and clientele. I am confident in myself as an instructor.  I bring enery to my classes and provide my clients with proper knowledge to become strong and solid in form and foundation so they are able to feel confident in the moves and see quick results.

Jillian Dawson


Certified Barre Instructor

Jillian Dawson is honored to be a part of the Barre One Studio in her hometown of Chattanooga.

Soon after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Leadership from Auburn University, she began a career as a personal trainer.

Jillian has experience in training serious atletes, group fitness, yoga, cycling, clients seeking weight loss and physical rehabilitation and clients with disabilities.


After certifying in BarreAmped method she quickly discovered how this method gave her post-baby body extreme results without having to run marathons or push her body to complete exhaustion with other forms of excerise.

When she isn't at the barre, she enjoys being a hand's on mom and wife.

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Teresa Wade


Certified Barre Instructor

Teresa has had a full time career in the fitness industry since 1985.  She became certified with ACE in 1987 and since that time has acquired a multitude of fitness certifications.  The BarreAmed method which blends yoga, pilates, core and fitness work into one specialized class has been a new and exciting program for Teresa to learn and now teach.

Learning to move in new and different ways and experiencing great results is a flashback for Teresa.  This is what she signed up for in 1985 and is glad she is blessed enought to "bring it" to her clients.

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Rebekah Dance


Certified Barre Instructor

Rebekah, originally an East coast native, married a Chattanooga local four years ago and has resided her ever since.  She immediately took to the warmth and friendliness of the south.  In August 2015 Rebekah and her husband will be increasing their family by one, when she will bring their new baby boy into the world.

Rebekah has been a loyal Barre One client attending multiple classes a week because she loved the BarreAmped method. Her enthusiasm for the method was further reinforced as she continued to take classes throughout her pregnancy helping her stay strong and fit and relieve some of the challenges common in pregnancy.

Over time Barre One noticed her great form and her bubbly personality and recognized that she would be a great instructor, she became certified in the BarreAmped method in her 5th month of pregnancy and now teaches multiple classes a week. Rebekah is also an ACE certified group fitness instructor.

Rebekah loves  watching clients develop in their strength, flexibility, fitness and overall zest for the method.  She likes the challenge and variety she gets in a Barre One class as well as the camaraderie support that the studio brings.  When she is not at the studio you will find her enjoying the landscape and outdoorsy culture of Chattanooga. She loves to play tennis, rock climb and generally do anything outdoors.

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Meredith Adams


Certified Barre Instructor

Meredith is an avid fitness girl who recently became part of the Barre One Family.  She is blessed with her beautiful, blended family that consists of her husband, 2 daughters (8 and 9) and their 18 month old son.

She was certified in June of 2015 with BarreAmped and looks forward to teaching her own class in the near future.  She feels very lucky to be part of our incredible group of instructors and having the opportunity to work with amazing Barre One clients.

When Meredith is not at the studio she enjoys spending time with her family, running, paddle boarding and climbing.

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Liana Bean


Certified Barre Instructor

Liana is our newest addition to the Barre One family.. More info on her soon.